Coffee Artisans

The story of Little been started in 1972, when Andrea and Mariano were born.

A thirty-year friendship, strengthened even more by that passion that over the years has also become
their job.

They both grow work-related between the management of local bars and cafés around the world, building a strong 360 ° culture on the world of coffee. They become Italian Barista Champions, participating in the world finals. An experience that gives birth to the desire to deepen even more their passion for coffee, helping many fans like them to become true professionals.

In 2005 9bar was born, the Independent Coffee Academy, a training center for baristas and professionals in the world of coffee.

In 2007, performing the first certification as AST trainer recognized by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) began to deepen at professional level the world of specialty coffee, already known in the various working experiences around the world.

This first step, will tie them both to this association of which Andrea from 2009 to 2014 also holds the role of coordinator for Italy. Passion and professionalism reach over the years the right level to launch into a new adventure, create their coffee to concretely spread the taste of this passion

In 2013, Little Been was founded, a micro-roasting craft, where you can put to use all the experience gained over the years and experience new coffee and new roasting profiles every day, always looking for the perfect organoleptic balance for each bean.

Just as the good vintners transform in precious bottles of wine the effort and the experience in the vineyard, Andrea and Mariano with artisan passion transform the beans of the best plantations into cups of coffee for real coffee lovers.