Micro Roastery

Every coffee to stand out in the cup needs to find its balance during roasting, an artisan care impossible to replicate in the standard of industrial roasting.

Little Bean chooses the best single-origin coffee varieties in small batches and roast it individually dedicating to each one its own roasting “recipe” able to preserve and enhance its organoleptic characteristics.

Each batch signed by Little Bean, follows a scrupulous process of analysis, a mix of scientific technique and experience that allows you to build the “right recipe” for each coffee.

The control of the humidity and the density of the raw bean determines the choice of roasting which is performed manually through a Petroncini TT15 roaster.

Thanks to this machine, all the roasting parameters are verified step by step, with experience, from the roaster, to reach the right colour and the maximum sensory equilibrium that guarantees to our coffees a pleasant elegance of flavour, at the same time clean and round.

A care for detail that makes the difference, as well as the choice to maintain a a very short shelf life of the product to better appreciate the scents of freshly roasted coffee.