Cherry Blend – Ground for Moka


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The proposal of Little Bean extends also to the option “Ground for Moka” in a bag of 250 gr. Cherry is the gourmet blend signed by the artisans of quality coffee. A name that immediately brings to mind the colors and scents of the plantations. An aromatic and full-bodied coffee like the “cherries” of coffee harvested at full maturity, born from continuous research and study to offer a product in line with the trends of the Italian market, able to combine the body of the robust with a complex organoleptic profile which gives this mixture a strong character. Cherry is also the name of the quality of Robusta used, namely India Cherry, a name that distinguishes Indian coffees prepared with natural methods. The aromatic character is given by a wise, carefully studied blend of three types of Arabica coffee: Brazil Cerrado Dulce, Colombia Supremo and Ethiopia Sidamo. This blend allows you to have a balanced, full-bodied coffee in the cup, with a rather sweet taste, with a fine acidity and notes reminiscent of dark chocolate, almond and black cherry.

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