Brasile Das Almas



Origin: Brazil

Region: Cabo Verde – Sud Minas

Producer: Adriano Muniz

Cultivar: Catucai

Altitude: 950 – 1050 mt.

Method: Anaerobico Naturale

Notes: Grape, plum, cherry, licorice juice


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The history

Fazenda Das Almas is located in Capo Verde, where the microclima is favorable to development
and the quality of Arabica coffee. In 1942 the family Muniz began activities on the plantations. Almas is the first area colonized by the Portuguese from the Azores region. The collection is done manually and daily.

Working process

It is a chemical process, as yeast and bacteria present in the soil and in the peel of the cherry metabolize the sugar present in the mucilage and convert it into carbon dioxide and alcohol in case of yeast, and acide in case of bacterium. The beans are left to ferment in water tanks that are deprived of oxygen. The method is known for giving grains unique and complex flavors. The coffee seed is not transformed by this process, but undergoes an aromatic impact from fermentation which can be noticed after roasting.

The advice of our expert

This Specialty Coffee has the Cupping Score of 86.00 and it obtains the maximum yield in espresso.


Color pack

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