Brasile Passeio


Origin: Brazil

Region: Monte Belo – South Minas

Producer: Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1100 – 1200 mt.

Method: Anaerobic Natural

Notes: Grape, plum, winey

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Fazenda Passeio is located in the heart of Minas Gerais in a mountainous area with excellent soil fertility and regular rainfall. The Vieira Ferreira family has specialized in the production of coffee for three generations. To ensure quality, the company employs a large number of skilled workers to manually carry out most of the production process.

Working process

This coffee is harvested and processed separately from other batches to maintain its distinctive characteristics. It has been processed using the natural method, it is harvested only when the cherries reach an advanced stage of ripeness. All the drupes are harvested by hand and immediately hung out to dry in the sun. Every seven days spent on the tables, the coffee is bagged and left to rest inside the warehouse for ten days. This process is repeated until the optimum moisture content is achieved. The coffee is then left to rest for 60 days in wooden barrels called tulha.

Our expert advice

This Specialty Coffee has a Cupping Score of 86.00 and obtains the maximum espresso yield.

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