Brasile San Antonio


Roasted coffee beans

Origin: Brazil

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Producer: Danilo Henriqurle de Faria

Cultivar: Oeiras

Altitude: 1,300 mt.

Method: Natural

Notes: Honey, wine, strawberry, raspberry

250 g pack

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This coffee was born in the Fazenda Santo Antonio do Capao Seco, which is located in the Santo Antônio da Lagoa Seca community, where the producer Danilo Henrique De Faria and his family produce 500 bags a year. Danilo started to grow coffee in 1999 in his father’s land with his brothers and, after the initial difficulties, he has perfected the process, investing in technical courses and machinery, and today he can proudly boast 14 hectares of production. His constant motivation derives from his love for the coffee world and his desire to offer his family a dignified life. The Oeiras variety was developed at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa in collaboration with the national EPAMIG organization that uses the genes of a hybrid plant resulting from a cross between Red Caturra and Timor Hybrid.

Working process

Coffee is collected not in a “discriminatory” manner, but ordered cherry by cherry. An eye on maturation, instead, will be reserved after a more general collection. Coffee with a natural process is typically dried on trees before harvesting (called Boya), or collected and arranged on the courtyards to finish drying before being dehulled. The process tends to give the coffee a spreadable creaminess that has a more temperate tone than the bright and washed acid coffees or even Honey that we see elsewhere, in Mesoamerica.

Expert’s advice

Brazil San Antonio offers the highest yield in the filter with the Aeropress method. The hints of honey, wine, strawberry and raspberry guarantee a fine taste. This coffee has reached 85.25 as SCA score.

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