Ethiopia Halu


Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe

Producer: Halu Beriti Washing Station

Cultivar: Heirloom

Altitude: 2.100 – 2.300 mt.

Method: Natural

Notes: Toffee, Berries, Cherries

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The Halu Beriti washing station is the protagonist of the Little Bean stage in Ethiopia. Founded in 2014, it can serve 750 producers, who deliver their coffee in the form of cherries. Natural batches are dried on raised beds for 8-15 days when the weather is sunny or 15-20 days when the weather is cloudy.

Working process

The coffees in Ethiopia are generally traceable to the level of the washing station, where small farmers, many of whom own less than ½ hectare of land and on average only 1/8 hectare, deliver the cherry with its relative weight to receive payment. at the market rate. The coffee is sorted and processed in batches without retaining harvest information.

Our expert’s advice

This Specialty Coffee has a Cupping Score of 88.25 and it achieves maximum espresso yield.

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