Rwanda Isimbi


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Karenge

Producer: Various Farmers working with Rwacof

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1.100 – 2.000 mt.

Method: Fully Washed

Notes: Chocolate, Mandarin, Vanilla, Toffee



Our Specialty Coffee comes from the eastern part of Rwanda, in the Rwamagana district, in an area inhabited mainly by farmers (around 90%). The name of the Karenge region means small footprint in Kinwardan, the official language of Rwanda. Coffee production in Rwanda began in the mid-twentieth century, but in this “short” time the producers have managed to give life to fine single-origin coffees, including those from the Karenge region.

Working process

Cherries are manually selected to remove any damaged or unripe cherries. Thereafter, the selected cherries are stewed for 24 hours to remove the remaining mucilage. At the end of fermentation, the parchment is divided into levels of intensity and then soaked for about twenty minutes to improve its quality and shelf life. After washing and pre-drying, the parchment is placed on the tables in the sun where any defects are eliminated.

Our expert’s advice

This Specialty Coffee, with a Cupping Score of 85.25, obtains the maximum yield in filter and espresso.

Color pack

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Turquoise, White

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