Rwanda Kayumbu


Roasted coffee beans

Origin: Rwanda

Region: Kamonyi

Cultivar: Bourbon

Altitude: 1.720 mt.

Method: Natural

Notes: Red berries, black currant, caramel

Bag 250 gr.


The journey of Little Bean and the Specialty Coffees is set, for the occasion, in the southern part of Rwanda, in the Kamonyi district, in an area largely dominated by corn and soybean crops. Kayumbu was one of two washing stations where solar power was offered to growers without electricity as part of the process that began in May 2018. 128 growers signed up, out of about 300 who were introduced to solar. which was promising. Rwanda Kayumbu is a fine Specialty Coffee, which reached the Sca Cupping Score of 83.75 in 2017, 84.24 in 2018 and 84.83 in 2019, thanks to the operations of 1057 coffee growers, 747 men and 310 women, who live between 1,600 and 2,100 meters.

Working process

When the producers deliver the cherries to the Kayumbu station, the staff select only the best and remove the underripe cherries by float. The Kayumbu washing station produces natural products only at the beginning and end of the harvest season. This advantage allows the staff in the washing station to focus solely on processing the coffee without worrying about capacity. The natural process requires a meticulous working method for selecting and drying cherries. After selection, the cherries are placed directly on the drying tables until they dry evenly. The service life is approximately three weeks. The end result is excellent: Rwanda Kayumbu is an explosion of flavors and the notes of red berries, black currant and caramel are enhanced.

Expert advice

Rwanda Kayumbu, with a Cupping Score of 84.83, obtains the maximum yield in espresso, Brew Ratio 16.5 gr. – 32 gr. in the cup between 22 and 28 seconds.

Color pack

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Turquoise, White

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